About Me

My Work

I am an educator, writer and advocate for social justice and human rights for all. 

My Writing

I write memoir, personal essays and travel pieces. I have had the good fortune to travel extensively but I will always be a Californian (even though I currently live in Brooklyn NY). I have never, however, ridden an elephant, a camel, or a zebra. Nor do I intend to.

Join My Journey

My life has led me along many paths. I've been a special events planner, a typist, an au pair, and an ice rink employee. I've made sandwiches, served meals, and cleaned tables. More recently, I worked for and with the United Nations systems for more than twenty years on HIV and AIDS. Since 2017, though, I've been focused on teaching and am a proud (poor) adjunct for CUNY (LaGuardia Community College and Bronx Community College) and the College Now Program. Follow my writing and see what other unexpected surprises I reveal.